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Why Call it the Lucky Dog Blog?

Because What is Durango Real Estate & Lifestyle Without A Dog?!
Posted: November 05, 2018 by GAYLE WEBSTER

So why the 'Lucky Dog' Blog? 
Maybe I am slightly obsessed with my mini Aussie, Lucky. 
Durango is a dog town, I am a dog person, and we are surely living our best life here in SW Colorado. 

Durango Colorado living has so much to offer, including some of the best trails in the world and 350 days a year on average to enjoy them. It is one of the biggest reasons I live here and decided to raise my family here. My little family doesn't share my love of summiting (yet), save for Lucky, my #tinytraildog. I was not looking for a dog when the universe put Lucky in my lap, I already had the best dog in the world, but my brother in law called one day, his dogs were having a littler and he was adamant Lucky be ours. He was supposed to grow to about 22-25 pounds like his parents, but he topped out at 11 lbs for whatever reason, rendering my mini dog a toy size. People on the trail are always surprised to meet such a tiny, pretty, dog with such beautiful blue eyes on the top of a thirteener, but it turns out he is the best little hiking companion. He does the trail 3x to my one, he finds all the lizards, trees all of the chipmunks, he herds deer (it is very entertaining to see such a tiny creature scare a bunch of huge creatures into doing what he wants). And so he became the #tinytraildog. You can find him on my Instagram, we post photos of his adventures there along with all the other things we enjoy 

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