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It's a Durango Life

What it's like to live in the best mountain town in the Southwest
Posted: March 01, 2021 by Sam Vickery

You might think that life in Durango is defined by every person spending all their free time, you know, when they’re not working one of their three jobs to afford living here, hiking, biking, hitting the slopes, or jumping in the river. In reality, that’s not all there is to life as a Durangoan, or Durangotang, as we are more commonly known locally. Durango is full of people with a variety of interests, both indoor and outdoor, and it is possible to live affordably here

As much as I love the outdoors and enjoy a good adventure, I didn’t move to Durango for those activities and my life doesn’t revolve around them now. I am the type of person who enjoys grabbing a good book and a hot cup of coffee, who would rather set up my hammock at Lemon Reservoir than hike a nearby 14er, and who enjoys moseying around shops for cute trinkets I don’t need. My preferences might be a little less adrenaline pumping, but I still consider myself a Durangotang through and through. 

So what does a day in the life of this Durangotang look like? As I am sure is the case for most of you, not every day looks the same. As a Realtor is Durango, my schedule is never the same week to week. However, there are a few aspects of life that define my typical day: 

  1. I literally live in a forest.  

I live in a neighborhood on a small lot, and yet I still have several large pine trees in my yard. Just moments away from my front door is a trail system that winds through large trees and scrub oak. I wake up every morning and sit by my living room window, or on my porch when the weather is warmer, and enjoy watching several different types of birds fly from tree to tree around my yard. I get to live every day the way that many people hope to spend their vacations.  

  1. My dogs get to live their best lives. 

Like many in Durango, I have dogs, both adopted from local shelters. For exercise they have two favorites: walking around the lengthy trail system that surrounds my neighborhood, or taking a short drive to the spacious off-leash Durango Dog Park. Plus, when I do decide to go for an adventure, they get to join me for snowshoeing, hiking, or a day at the lake. 

  1. Nature is everywhere. 

There is no denying that Durango is absolutely stunning. As a Realtor, I spend a lot of time in the car running errands, showing homes, and seeing properties. All that driving is made tolerable, if not purely enjoyable, by the scenery all around Durango. Sometimes it is the beautiful sunsets behind silhouetted mountains, or bald eagles perched above the river, or simply the river running through town. 

  1. Shopping local is easy, and way too tempting.

Coming from the hustle and bustle of the Denver area, it honestly took me time to adapt to not having a Target or major shopping center closer than forty-five minutes away. However, what I have grown to love is that outside of a few chain stores, Durango is chock full of local shops and restaurants. It takes a shocking amount of self-discipline for me to not eat out all the time, or to not pop into one of the many local shops and buy something fun. But hey, with COVID’s effects on the economy, shopping local is more important than ever, right? 

  1. Adventure is just a moment away. 

As I said, I am not the die-hard adventuring type, but I do have a deep appreciation for the fact that I can drive under an hour and chase waterfalls, have a plethora of hiking options, and go to any number of lakes. Accessibility to so many outdoor options, in all seasons, keeps my life interesting. There is always something to do, be it mellow or exciting. Plus, entertaining family and friends who inevitably come to visit is a breeze when you have an activity for every type of person. 

Basically, being a Durangotang is pretty awesome. Whether you are an adrenaline junky, someone who enjoys soaking up beautiful views all around, or you just enjoy small mountain towns with unique local shops, this could be the place for you. 

With regards to the expensiveness of Durango, the truth is, it can be pricey. However, it is possible to build a life here, and do it without working three jobs! I moved to Durango right after graduating college, and just three years into living here was able to buy my first home. Home ownership has been a major step for me in establishing myself in Durango. In many cases, a mortgage is less than or equal to what it costs to rent in this community! Give me a call if you want to talk about what the home buying process might look like for you, and what resources are available to help you get into the home of your dreams in beautiful Durango, Colorado. 

Guest Blog by Anna Trbovich 

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