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Choosing A Realtor-Building A Healthy Relationship in Real Estate

By Kelly Spitzer
Posted: March 29, 2021 by Sam Vickery

There are a million of us Realtors. Let’s face it. We are ubiquitous. But we are not all equal. People are different. We have different strengths and weaknesses, different communication styles, different demeanors, different motivators, different whys. 

When customers ask me why they should choose me to represent them, I often tell them it’s as simple as because you want to. Because it feels like we could work well and closely together. Because it is easy to communicate with me. Because you trust me to work on your behalf to the best of my ability, and you trust my ability. Of course, you should evaluate a Realtor’s credentials and experience, as well, but also analyze if that experience and those credentials mean something to a Realtor. Do they have them, or do they HAVE them? And if it doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, find someone with who it does feel that way with. Because this shouldn’t be a struggle. So, that’s the first thing—you need to be compatible with your Realtor. It will make what comes next SO much easier.

Truth: You will end up telling your Realtor personal details of your life. It’s inevitable. For one, we need to know a bit about your finances, your personal preferences, and some lifestyle choices. You tell us these things, and suddenly we know about your childhood and your highest aspirations and your worst fears. That level of disclosure requires a lot of trust. And respect. You trust us with those details, and we respect the confidentiality that comes along with it. Both parties must trust and respect each other in a professional manner, as well. You trust and respect my experience and expertise, and I trust and respect your wants, needs, hesitations, questions, and decisions on what is right for you. 

Also truth: With a good Realtor, you will often feel like there is a certain amount of telepathy going on. As professionals, we are trained to anticipate objections, manage emotions, and adapt to different communication styles. This is our job, and we get paid (eventually, at closing) to do it. Don’t ever feel like you’re asking too much by wanting your Realtor to work on your behalf. And if your Realtor does not meet your standards, please know that it’s ok to say so (and vice versa, by the way)! Not everyone is a match, and there are times when it will be better for all involved to move on. 

I say this a lot, but it’s true: People buy people. They buy products and services, too. But people buy people. Relationships and connections are the most meaningful aspect of life, and the relationship you have with your Realtor is not exempt from this status. Make it a good one!


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