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Life in Durango - The Day to Day of a Local Main Photo

Life in Durango - The Day to Day of a Local

Written By Georgiana Hallock
Posted: August 03, 2021 by Georgiana Rose Hallock

I have lived in Durango for 2 ½ years, which makes me a new local, a new “Durangatang”. I moved from a large bustling city in the south, to this small laid-back mountain town, which was very much of a culture shock. I was used to driving on the Interstate hoping I wouldn’t get stuck in traffic on my way to work, wondering what fast-food or chain restaurant I was going to for lunch, and not looking forward to driving home in traffic at the end of the day just to do it all again the next day.  


When I moved to Durango I knew it was going to be different than where I was currently living, but I was not prepared for just how different it would be. It has taken some time to adjust to this new lifestyle, but looking back on how I used to spend my days rushing and worrying, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Every morning I wake up to the train whistle blowing waiting to take eager passengers through the San Juan forest, the sun coming up over the mountains, and depending on the season, hang gliders soaring over the multitude of hiking trails in town. On my way to work I see deer running around town looking for a well taken care of yard to snack on and locals riding their bikes to work. Once I park my car on historic third avenue I walk down to one of the many local coffee shops across the street from my office at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties. I get my daily tea and homemade pastry and make my way to the office. 


I spend my day working in downtown Durango, which in my opinion, is the best place to work in town. Being downtown allows me to visit one of my favorite local restaurants, The Living Tree, where all of the food is locally and organically grown. After lunch I stop at Fuzziwigs, the candy shop for a one of a kind chocolate bar.


My evenings are spent either walking along the river, doing one of the many hikes in town, or enjoying a beer with friends at a local restaurant or brewery in town. 


My life has definitely changed since moving to Durango, but there’s nothing like living in this town. Durango is home to many people from all different walks of life, and that’s what makes it special. 

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