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San Juan Basin Health New 2019 Septic Regulations For La Plata County

New Inspection & Transfer of Title Acceptance Required on Most Properties When They Sell
Posted: January 31, 2019 by GAYLE WEBSTER

Beginning January 2019 San Juan Basin Health Department requires septic inspections on every home sale with a waste water system (septic) that isn't brand new. There are a few other loopholes...snow for example. Here is a link to the page on their website outlining the new regulations, paperwork, and the like:

In response to this new requirement I have been reaching out to all of my existing Sellers to notify them and give an idea on what to expect now. As an industry are going to be adding clauses to our listing agreements and offers moving forward, it will read along these lines: 
1. Buyer and Seller acknowledge that a septic inspection by a NAWT Certified Inspector is required by San Juan Basin Health with transfer of title for Property. Seller shall have septic tank pumped and hire a NAWT Certified Inspector to complete the inspection at Seller`s expense and deliver documentation to Buyer at least 3 day prior to inspection objection. Seller shall complete the transfer of title documentation through San Juan Basin Health prior to closing.  
The process is roughly: to have the system pumped ($400 and up from there depending) and inspected (another $400 and up), at which point if it passes inspection and has a final permit with the correct number of bedrooms, we submit it with the attached form and another $60. This renders it salable/ transferable for a year. So part of the game is determining when the home will sell accurately, to be sure you don't have to repeat any of the process or fees.
**Please keep time of year in mind as well, during the winter I recommend you keep the hatches shoveled out. If they don't already have risers install them if you can. Test the system yourself before going on market - water should flow through the system, and the leach field should be able to take on the capacity of the tank in water and not bubble up (this is the part we can't see during some winter months). These things are easier to tend to when you aren't under deadlines, and if you want to have it done yourself or by your professional instead of negotiating what a buyer is comfortable with.
Here is a link to all of the registered inspectors in the area: Septic inspectors 
Please come to me with any questions, this is a new syste being put in place and I am sure it will come with some growing pains, changes, & challenges. I just completed the process for the first time and I think all parties involved were still dialing in some of the details.

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