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Purgatory Resort, Durango Main Photo

Purgatory Resort, Durango

Purg Is For Year-Round Memories
Posted: March 04, 2021 by Gayle R. Webster

Purg is our place. It's one of the top reasons we live in Durango.

I grew up driving 4 hours from Connecticut to Vermont to ski (6 kids in a van, bless my parents!), and now I can zip up to my hometown mountain anytime I want with my own kids, it takes just 20 minutes to get there. Hubby and I loved snowboarding together there so much in our 20's (it is still our favorite date), we decided to get married at Dante's. The pictures look like we are in the sound of music. Our family likes to go up there in the warmer months too, to hike and hunt mushrooms, mountain bike, leaf peep, 4-wheel... the San Juan Mountains provide so much beauty and recreation for our family, and it is so accessible. We are blessed with and average of 350 days of sunshine here, allowing us to realize our beloved outdoor lifestyle whenever we want.  

We have seen several changes in ownership during our time, we watched the old Purgy's lodge scraped and a new lodge/ club/ condo structure erected in its place. We have seen a lot of services added and a lot of real estate go up since we arrived 2002, so if you are interested in Purgatory living (it's more like Heaven) there is something for everyone there. Whether you are an investor, or desiring a second/ vacation home in this playground, I want to show you the Purgatory lifestyle and all it has to offer.

Come visit. Take a tour with me.

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