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Covid Restrictions In Real Estate

Posted: April 30, 2020 by GAYLE WEBSTER

People always ask me about what the market is doing, and that is more true now than ever.

Are we essential (YES), and how are we doing it (CAREFULLY)? Are people still listing their homes for sale and buying new homes (YES)?

Showing and marketing properties right now is no joke, we have an office policy that was drafted with strict accordance with the Governor's orders and recommendations. It seems to change with the guidelines every few days so we remain vigilant on how to protect ourselves and our clients as the social climate changes.

Currently, masks are the least of the safety measures we are taking. We must wear gloves, booties, and the house must be disinfected in-between showings. We are driving in separate cars, we are limiting the number of people at showings to no more than 3 including the Realtor. Some buyers and sellers would rather wait, can't blame them, but there is still a market humming along out there. I had four closings in April and I have things in the pipeline for May. The state has put together a COVID addendum so that Buyers and Sellers can extend deadlines if they have been effected during a contract period. Interest rates are at an all time low helping to offset the stock market having gone down and the unemployment rate going up. We are anticipating a wave of activity from people who have pent up interest but have been waiting for all this to pass...and there are things you can do now to prepare for your next move. If you want to know more about how to prepare, about our office policy, the Covid addendum, or to view the complete first quarter statistics call/ text/ or email me anytime...I'm here all day.

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