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Adventures in Durango Real Estate

Adventures in Durango Real Estate
I have seen and learned a lot in my 11 years in the field. Lots of different folks, different properties, different market conditions....I hope you'll benefit and be entertained by my experiences.
Adventures in Durango Real Estate

Thinking of Selling This Spring?

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes what is usually the busier season in Real Estate. Buyers and Sellers alike often ask me why this is the busy season, and there are a few reasons. The number one reason is the school calendar, a lot of society rotates around the school season more than any other season. People want to sell and get into their new homes before school starts the next fall, and same for buyers, they prefer to be settled in before school and spare their children multiple starts and moves. Another reason is, homes can usually sell faster and for more money when there are more hours of sunshine and the setting is greener, it just shows better. Having said all that, homes sell year-round, even in Colorado, and being on the market during the 'off' season can also do wonders, as there is less competition. If you are thinking of selling soon my advice to you is ACT FAST! If you can get on the market and get under contract before the inventory goes up in the Spring, you can take advantage of the lower inventory climate. Call me to discuss getting your home ready and the best marketing plan for your property.
Adventures in Durango Real Estate

Steps You Can Take to Get Ready to Sell

So you think you are ready to get your house on the market. Here are some best first steps for minimum headaches and maximum ROI.

1. Gather all of the documents you have on your property. Including but not limited to:

     Plat/ Survey/ ILC
     Covenants, and CIC docs
     Tax Certificate
     C/O and any building plans, permits, quotes and receipts
     Utility Information including well and spetic permits and reports, averages, contacts

2. Get a Pre-Inspection, and then correct any health and safety items before a buyer          can object to them.

3. Have your Realtor supply a CMA - Comparative Market Analysis - this establishes          the listing price range. Your Realtor will also help you with a marketing plan,                  staging, making sure that you are aware of all the options available to you, and that      your concerns are addressed. Your Realtor is your advisor and they can help you         get into your next property, including helping you find a Realtor where you are               moving to.